• Orthopedic Sports Massage Therapy

    The best non-invasive choice for dealing with pain and injury of the musculoskeletal system!

    Kinesiology - The Study of musculoskeletal movement

    Biomechanics - Joint Pain - Muscular Compensation - Injury Prevention - Spinal Alignment - Physiology - Anatomy


    Corrective Exercise

    Correct dysfunction, gain strength, and optimize performance.

    Professional Athletes

    We provide the highest care utilizing scientific research and proven protocols.

    Rest assure your body is in good hands.

    Sports Performance

    Elite sports performance and rehabilitation services built for the athlete by an athlete!

    Myoskeletal Massage Therapy

    Focusing on joint, nerve and soft tissue mobilization!

    #P66-00308 #P67-00175

    Golf Fitness & Therapy

    Programs Designed To Increase Swing Speed


    Keep You Playing PAIN FREE!

    Fascial Stretch Therapy

    One of the best manual therapy techniques when dealing with pain, injury inducing mechanics or restrictions in functional movements; used by every professional sports organization. Provided by our licensed practitioners and therapists.

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    Sean Freitas


    TPI Medical Golf Specialist LV 3

    Fascial Stretch Specialist

    B.S. Kinesiology

    NVMT Lic #9508

    #P66-00308 #P67-00175 #P68-00041



    Heidi Freitas

    B.S. Kinesiology

    Fascial Stretch Specialist


    NVMT Lic #9610

    #P66-00308 #P67-00175 #P68-0041

    Chandler Gaspar

    at TPC Summerlin
    Sports Performance Specialist
    B.S. Kinesiological Sciences
    Performance Coach
    ACSM Certified Personal Trainer
    Group Class Instructor


    Cameron Murayama



    B.S. Kinesiology Exercise Physiology

    Orthopedic Sports Massage Therapist

    Myoskeletal Alignment Therapist

    LMT Licensed Massage Therapist

    MAT Posture Pain Performance Specialist

    CPT National Academy of Sports Medicine

    FST Fascial Stretch Therapist

    NVMT# 10751

    Alyson Petersen




    B.S. Kinesiology

    NASM Certified Personal Trainer

    Orthopedic Sports Massage Therapist

    Myoskeletal Alignment Therapist

    LMT Licensed Massage Therapist

    MAT Posture Pain Performance Specialist

    CPT National Academy of Sports Medicine

    TRX Certified Instructor

    Group Class Instructor

    Red Cross Certified Deep Water Lifeguard

    Water Safety Instructor Certified

    NVMT# 10747


    Michelle Sanchez


    RYT-200 Yin Yoga

    Reiki Practioner




    Nathan Aguilar


    B.S. Kinesiology Exercise Physiology
    Hyperbaric and Red Light Therapy Certified


    Erin Wilson


    B.S. Kinesiology

    Tennis Performance Coach
    Hyperbaric and Red Light Therapy Certified

    TJ Macpherson


    TPI Fitness Level 2 Certified
    NSCA Certified Personal Trainer
    TPI Youth Certified


    Alyce Pilgrim


    BASI Comprehensive
    TRX Certified Instructor
    Boxilates Trainer Certification
    B.A Mass Communications
    NLP Master Trainer & Practitioner Certification
    Results Coach Certification
    Ericksonian Hypnosis


    Jake Eisenstat


    B.S. Kinesiology Exercise Physiology
    NSCA Certified Personal Trainer
    Hyperbaric and Red Light Therapy Certified


    Margaret Rampey


    BFA Dance - Ballet
    Comprehensive Pilates Certification
    YA200 Kundalini Yoga
    YA300 Yoga Instructor
    Vinyasa, Yin, Meditation Asheville
    Reiki Master Practitioner
    Yogafit Master Instructor
    Tai Ji Quan Instructor
    Tai Ji Quan Instructor Trainer
    Barre Instructor
    Wounded Warrior Yoga Cert.
    Senior Yoga Cert.
    Yoga with Props Certification
    Moving for Better Balance Cert.


    Laurel Carollo


    Certified Comprehensive Pilates Instructor
    Clinical Pilates Instructor
  • The New Standard Of Wellness

    Project Wellbeing emerges as Las Vegas's first luxury wellness and fitness company led by two of the top Kinesiologists in the industry. With an distinguished array of therapeutic and exercise physiology modalities, we can help you achieve your optimal wellness.


    We provide professional full-service wellness and fitness management and services to corporations and facilities looking to make a statement and truly elevate the experience provided to their employees and customers.


    Our programs utilize a strong sports science background in: Kinesiology, corrective exercise, biomechanics, advanced therapy modalities, orthopedic sports massage therapy, injury prevention, flexibility training, nutritional science, elite sports performance and professional life & business coaching.


    Our team has worked with over 300 professional athletes in the NFL, NBA, MLB, UFC, PGA, USTA, and many other professional organizations.

  • Golf Fitness

    Tour Quality Fitness And Therapy Programs


    TEAM Of Professionals


    TPI Medical Experts


    TPI Fitness Experts


    TPI Skill Experts


    TPI Junior Golf Experts






    ***All On Our Staff***

    Train With A Golf Pro!








    Body Swing Connection


    Golf - Specific Fitness Programs


    Tour Quality Programs

    Titelst Performance Instruction







    Increase Your Golf Performance & Play Pain-FREE!


    Increase Player Performance.

    Golf Therapy



    Titleist Medical Professionals Guide You Through Programs To Improve Balance & Stability.


    Advanced Manual Therapy To Get You Feeling Better!

    Pre-Game Warm-ups

    Improve Mobility, Flexibility and Dexterity

    Rotational Strength


    Increase Power & Velocity Of Your Club Speed


    Learn How To Load And Create Maximum Power

    Take Control Of Your Swing



    Develop Proper Biomechanics


    Generate Power From The Ground


    Maintain Proper Sequences

    Professional Testing

    Functional Movement Screen


    Functional Capacity Screens


    TPI - Body Swing Connection











    Custom Programs Tailored And Designed For Each Individual.


    Evaluate A Players Physical Readiness

    Who Uses TPI?


    19 of the last 20 major championships won


    25 of the top 30 of the top players in the world are coached by a TPI expert


    The New Standard of Wellness

    Orthopedic Sports Massage


    Orthopedic sports massage therapy is suitable for those that are in pain, recovering from an injury, or looking to promote flexibility and prevent injury for sport. Our licensed massage therapists will provide various tissue work techniques along with stretching and corrective exercise recommendations.

    Golf Performance


    Certified TPI experts set the standard in the golf-fitness industry. TPI experts focus on golf-related biomechanics, swing characteristics, power, mobility, and medical golf treatments. Over 80% of tour players have a TPI professional on their team.

    Private Training


    With Heart Rate Specific training, a Comprehensive Fitness Evaluation, and Individualized Programming, our private training sessions will maximize your time in the fitness center and ensure you are on the best path needed to meet your goals.

    Myoskeletal Alignment Therapy


    Myoskeletal Alignment Techniques (MAT® ) is a unique hands-on bodywork system designed to restore function, relieve pain, rebalance, and reeducate the body. Our therapists use MAT to assess movement patterns as well as joint or muscular dysfunctions. MyoSkeletal Alignment Therapy is the gold standard for analyzing soft tissues and scanning for dysfunction.

    Massage Therapy


    This modality utilizes slow gliding methods that have a lot of drag (resistance) on the skin and muscles. Utilizing a combination of mechanical forces the therapist applies compression and vibration to achieve positive results. A variety of Massage Therapy services including; Swedish, Deep-tissue, and Sports massage are available.

    Monthly Programming


    Enjoy the convenience of working with a highly qualified fitness professional from anywhere in the world. Our certified personal trainers design specific workout programs and nutrition recommendations suited to your individual needs. Clients are able to view their workouts and track their nutrition easily via their smart phone device. Communication via email and messages are made easy through the application. A very cost effective approach to personal training.

    TPI Medical Golf Specialist


    A Titleist Expert will guide you through a Select Functional Movement Assessment (SFMA) to assess fundamental movement patterns and musculoskeletal dysfunction. Our team consists of Sean Freitas, a TPI LV 3 Medical Certified professional (holding the most elite certification through Titleist), TJ MacPherson TPI LV2, and Riley Clark a TPI LV1.  

    Any pain and or injury inducing bio-mechanics that are found in your (SFMA) Select Functional Movement Assessment and TPI (Body-Swing Connection Screen) will be addressed with the proper treatment protocols and corrective exercise progressions.

    Fascial Stretch Therapy


    Fascial Stretch Therapy is one of the best manual therapy techniques when dealing with pain, injury inducing mechanics or restrictions in functional movements. FST is a advanced sub-max PNF neuromuscular stretching protocol, enabling the therapist to release fascial restrictions in between individual muscle fibers. The ability to work with the central nervous system to provide release to the deep tissues and enable physiological responses to the cells truly make this type of therapy unique and able to generate incredible results. Used by many professional athletes and organizations.

    Functional Movement Screen (FMS)


    An Integral Screening method for professional athletes and patients. The Functional Movement Screen captures fundamental movements, motor control within movement patterns, and competence of basic movements uncomplicated by specific skills. It will determine the greatest areas of movement deficiency, demonstrate limitations or asymmetries, and eventually correlate these with an outcome. Once you find the greatest asymmetry or deficiency, you can use additional screens that are more precise if needed.

    Wellness Assessment


    A one-on-one appointment with a certified personal trainer to determine your current fitness level. Specific protocols to test muscular strength, muscular endurance, cardiovascular health, and flexibility will be used. In addition, body composition measurements such as; body fat %, metabolic age, muscle mass, and bone density will be taken. Your trainer may also refer you out for nutritional advising and blood analysis as it is extremely important to know the inner health of the body also. The above data enables us to determine exactly what programming is needed to reach your goals.



    *Complimentary for Golf, Sport Social, and Lifestyle Members


    Strength 101

    MONDAYS at 7:00am

    Vinyasa Yoga

    THURSDAYS at 8:00am

    Yoga for the Golfer

    FRIDAYS at 9:00am

    Yin Yoga


    WEDNESDAYS at 6:00pm

    Dynamic Mobility

    MONDAYS at 8:00am



    *Packages and Drop-in rates available

    2 participants to a session

    Pilates Reformer Specialty Series

    Offered throughout the year

    one-on-one individualized training



    Check out our latest updates!


    Project Wellbeing works with some of the top Business owners

    and professional athletes in the country.

    Ted Venners

    Chairman & Director Coal Team Ltd.

    The Prometheus Group

    "I feel fortunate to have his expertise!"

    I have a frozen shoulder and have had a back operation. Sean has given me almost full range of motion on my shoulder and mobility in my hips. I had been dealing with this issue on and off for over ten years. He has released the pinched nerves in my back giving me relief. He knows his stuff!! I feel fortunate to have his expertise.

     Ted Venners


    Anthony Marshall

    Professional Basketball Player

    "I can truly say my progress has been nothing short of amazing."

    When it comes to rehabilitation and health, Project Wellbeing goes over and beyond to provide the best services imaginable. Ive been working with him over the last four to five years and I can truly say my progress has been nothing short of amazing. Sean has provided me with the tools and knowledge needed to not only further my athletic career, but also live a long healthy life after my playing days.


    Anthony Marshall

    Scott Pensivy

    S.P.O.R.T.S. Physical Therapy


    "Taking Pro-Athletes To The Next Level!"

    Your passion, confidence, compassion, commitment to this technique is hard to match. I have sent you several challenging patients your way and they always respond with the adjective” Amazing”. The technique has allowed many of my pro athletes to go to the next level in their performance and my lay people realize they can move in function that they could not for several years. You gave them improved function, ROM and mobility they had not had for years. Although this technique is new in my clinic it is one I recommend to 90% of my patients and I am sure will soon be %100. I enjoy your philosophy as “Less is More” and is a very relaxing technique for the central nervous system. I also like the processes at Tom Myers the developer provides great research article to back and support this technique.

    I look forward in working with you in the future and I am honored to have a professional like yourself help my patients.

    Scott Pensivy

    Randy E. Broadhead, SIOR

    CBRE Senior Vice President

    "I would not be able to enjoy life and the game as much as I do."

    Sean, I have really appreciated your hard work with me over the last 3 years. The work outs and orthopedic sports massage therapy have kept me on the golf course and improving. Without your insights and persistent care I would not be able to enjoy life and the game as much as I do. I love the music and your friendship brother!

    Randy E. Broadhead, SIOR

    Sal Corrao

    Agency Owner


    "It was amazing how accurate he was in his assessments."

    I have had leg and back issues for several years. In March of 2017 the pain was so intense from back spasms that for three days I was barely able to move. Will Kinney and Randy Broadhead suggested that I see Sean Freitas. They explained how bad their backs were and how much Sean was able to help them. During my first visit, Sean explained to me in great detail what my issues were. I then showed him the results of a MRI that I had done a few years prior and it was amazing how accurate he was in his assessments. This made me very confident in his abilities which have come from years of kinesiology and other related studies. I continue to see Sean one to two times per week. Typically, one day is for muscle therapy and the other day is for specific workouts related to flexibility, strength and core training to prevent future problems. I highly recommend Project Wellbeing LLC and I believe that I am able to golf, play pickleball and workout because of his help.

    Sal Corrao

    Steve Altig

    Criminal Defense Attorney

    Owner of Altig Esq.

    "Thanks to the Project Wellbeing team, now when I walk into a courtroom I know I control it!"

    I have been training with Project Wellbeing for the last year. When I first came to see them, I came for different reasons then most. I came because I wanted to gain muscle mass. I have been thin most of my life and have been self-conscious as a result. Being a trial attorney I can't afford to feel inadequate. I am 6'2" tall and when I first came to Sean I weighed 163 pounds. During the last year I have put on 30 pounds. I'm not talking about simply 30 pounds of weight but I have put on 30 pounds of lean muscle mass! Their expertise and techniques have helped me grow in body size and in confidence. I don't think I need to explain how important confidence is in my line of work. Thanks to Project Wellbeing, now when I walk into a courtroom I know I control it!

    Steven M. Altig

    Riley Clark, TPI

    PGA Management Professional

    "The valuable knowledge I have gained from spending time with Sean has also increased my own personal work I do with students every day."

    To say that Project Wellbeing has helped me in many ways would be an understatement! They have given me confidence in my playing as well as the intensity to which I can push my body in the gym. I no longer deal with intense pains in my lower back from being on my feet all day in the shop or on the lesson tee. The valuable knowledge I have gained from spending time with Sean has also increased my own personal work I do with students every day. I am a better player and teacher because of Sean!

    Riley Clark, TPI


    1700 Village Center Circle Las Vegas NV 89134
    Mon - Fri
    5:00am - 10:00pm
    Sat - 5:00am - 10:00pm
    Sun- 5:00am - 10:00pm
    *Appointment Required For Services
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